Case Studies

Increasing Auto Parts Sales With Customer Segmentation

Since the launch of its North American operations, this manufacturer has enjoyed an impressive history and track record as a leader in the automotive industry.To date, this client has produced over 10 million vehicles and continues to be a brand synonymous with high-performing, fun and affordable cars. In 2004, it launched its first B2B parts solution marketing program, targeting mechanical and collision-based independent repair facilities. This client sought to bolster their B2B parts business by becoming more aggressive with its wholesale parts marketing efforts.

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Our client is an international auto manufacturer, best known for making reliable, fuel efficient cars and motorcycles. In fact,they are the fourth largest manufacturer of automobiles in the United States, and the sixth largest in the world.

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Minacs Marketing Solutions has been fortunate to enjoy longstanding relationships with auto dealers across North America. Therefore when the time came to introduce our new suite of digital marketing solutions, we wanted to share them with our automotive clients first. This case study shows how our miSearch program helped two U.S. dealerships grow their sales and improve their service marketing ROI.

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