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Display marketing is a way for you to market to customers who have previously visited your website, or received a promotional offer from your dealership, but have not yet made a purchase. Display marketing builds an affinity for your brand over time, and helps to ensure that your dealership remains top of mind when the customer is ready to complete the sale.

Why Display Marketing?

Display Marketing is one way your dealership can establish your web presence and create brand awareness where your customers are most likely to see your messaging: online. Consumers are spending over half of their time surfing the Internet on popular news, entertainment and lifestyle websites. By actively placing your message in front of potential customers, your dealership is ensuring that it's first and foremost in the mind of consumers when they're ready to purchase a new vehicle, or bring their car in for service.

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miDisplay is a cost-effective way for you to reach customers online. Every campaign is optimized daily, as our miDisplay platform dynamically allocates your budget to the websites that are driving the most traffic on behalf of your dealership. With our industry-leading reports available 24/7, you'll be able to track visits, impressions, and the value of every dollar spent.

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